Good Samaritan - Today's Situation & Reactions

First a Prayer:

Lord, who is my neighbor?

-1 was hungry and you helped me buy rice, while trying for a long term solution to my emptiness.
-1 was a stranger in a city where everybody was suspicious of me, and you trusted me, and put me at ease.
-1 was unemployed, without clothes, food and money or security; you tried to help me find a job and rebuild my life.
-I was sick and unable to get into a hospital or see a doctor; you tried to find a hospital bed for me and a compassionate doctor who was more concerned about my health than the money I did not have.
-I was in trouble with the law for my mistakes, and you tried to defend me while encouraging me, to change my ways; as no lawyer came forward, I lost and went to prison for a time, during which you came to visit me without judging me.
-I had a motorcycle accident and profusely bleeding, you called the ambulance and the police while everyone was afraid to get involved.
-I was considered "low caste" by other folks and you tried to give me some status, face and pride in myself.
-In all these difficulties, you never really succeeded. You just tried and that enabled me to plod on for the moment.
-You stood by me and tried. That was all I needed to be myself in a place where I just existed.
-You did these simple, compassionate things until the day when all systems, institutions and hearts were changed into a new history.

Thank you for being my neighbor!