Aug 6: Transfiguration

Every year we celebrate the feast of Transfiguration. This year it will be on August 6.

Christ’s Transfiguration is well known. On the transfigured face of Jesus, who had ascended Mount Tabor with Peter and James, shone a ray of the divine light that He was keeping in his soul.  This same light shone again on Christ’s face on the day of the Resurrection. For this reason Transfiguration is an anticipation of the Pascal mystery. Transfiguration invites us to open the eyes of the heart over the mystery of God’s light present in the whole history of liberation. We must contemplate the Lord with eyes of faith as Pope Francis’ encyclical Lumen Fidei teaches. Poor eyes of faith that look at Christ, poor on the Cross, so that we can look at the Father and at the world as He does. (Lumen Fidei, 56)
     Our transfiguration is a gift and an assignment. We have an example of it in the Consecrated Virgins who with their life are called to be special witnesses of the Presence of God who is light and gives light.

    The virgin person remains a witness of a divine presence.

    The Virgins have committed themselves to live the participation to Christ’s mystery in the body and in the spirit. From this comes the fact that the virgin is a constant demonstration of the transfiguring divine presence in the world. The necessity of consecrated virginity is born from here. We cannot oppose tomorrow’s sky to today’s earth. The world is one; there are no two worlds. The world is only one but for us that do not live yet a human transfiguration, the divine world stays hidden. We believe in it but it remains hidden.

The Virgins reveal it and in their poverty of life are ‘rich” of God. “It is in You that they have all because it is You that they prefer to all” (Rite of the Consecration of the Virgins, 24; at the end of the solemn prayer of consecration). Christ’s poverty was fundamental, continuous and wanted: “On his naked body on the Cross the signs of his love were visible and readable for all” ( Primo Mazzolari, The Way of the Cross of the Poor, Rome 1977, page 143). We can be enriched by this love if we become poor and ask for it as it is testified by the Consecrated Virgins.