A very apt description of INDIA TODAY

                    May your happiness increase like Petrol Price,
                    May your sorrow fall like the Indian Rupee, and
                    May your joy spread in your heart like
                    Corruption spreads in India ?!!!

                    Congress is fulfilling its promise,
                    When they said: GDP will rise this year.
                    The only thing we forgot to ask them is its full form:
                        G = Gas ; Gold
                        D = Diesel ; Dollar
                        P = Petrol ; Parties

                    Dear Father-in-Law,
                    I deeply regret taking a Car in dowry.
                    Please take your Daughter or Car back?
                    I cannot afford both.

                    Now Tata Nano's fuel cost will be
                    More than its EMI per month!

                    Soon, Rupee will be SENIOR CITIZEN
                    (above Rs. 60 per US Dollar);
                    Petrol has already become VERY SENIOR CITIZEN
                    In Bangalore (Rs.81 per litre) !!!

                    Finally it has happened - After decades,
                    Beer is now cheaper than petrol !!!
                    Now, there will be new slogan:
                    JUST DRINK; DON'T DRIVE !!!

                    Expensive petrol will help solve
                    The problem of traffic jams!

                    Drink and drive should not be a problem now.
                    After all, how many will be able to afford
                    Alcohol and petrol on the same day?

                    We have the world's cheapest car
                    And the world's costliest petrol.

                    Sign board at Petrol pump:
                    Buy Petrol worth Rs. 20,000
                    And get a TATA Nano absolutely free.
                    (scheme for Aam Admi Now he can get car with petrol! )

                    Man at Petrol Pump: Full tank Karido...
                    Attendant: Sir, PAN Card ki copy ??...
                    Man: What? Why? How?
                    Attendant: Sir, it's a HIGH VALUE TRANSACTION!!!