Something to think about

CHURCH has 6 letters, so does MOSQUE.

BIBLE has 5 letters, so does QURAN.
LIFE has 4 letters, so does DEAD.
LOVE has 4 letters, so does HATE.
FRIENDS has 7, so does ENEMIES.
TRUTH has 5, so does LYING.
HEAL has 4, so does HURT.
POSITIVE has 8, so does NEGATIVE.
SUCCESS has 7, so does FAILURE.
ABOVE has 5, so does UNDER.
JOY has 3 letters so does CRY.
HAPPY has 5 letters so does ANGER.
RIGHT has 5 letters so does WRONG.
Are they by coincidence?
Choose wisely.
This means LIFE is like a double-edged sword.
We should choose the better side of Life!