Discipleship in Luke's Gospel: 11 Sundays Readings

1. First the disciples witness the Lord's mission:
    a. Raising the dead (Sunday 10 C)
    b. Mercy on the woman in Simon's house (Sunday 11 C)
2. Then they recognize him as the Messiah (Peter) (12C)
3. Now he calls them, asking them to leave behind everything else - all attachments (13 C)
4. They are ready now to be sent out with a mission. They go in pairs with a mission. (14C)
5. Their mission is to be a neighbour to all. Who's my neighbour? Jews and gentiles, men and women, whites and blacks, saints and sinners. (15 C)
6. As disciples, we need to balance between our work and worship, action and contemplation. Mary and Martha. (16 C)
7. So learn to pray; ask the teacher himself to teach us. (17 C)
8. Prayer cannot happen without true detachment. Over concern on money and properties will destroy discipleship (18 C)
9. However, being true stewards and responsible of the duties given to you will enhance discipleship (19 C)
10. Those who remain truly committed would be asked for living a more radical discipleship like a fire, an ideal, a challenge to this world's style of compromise.
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Tony Kayala, c.s.c.