Good Fish Sold Here

Jack decided to open a new shop for selling fish. And he had a nice sign put up outside his shop which read, "Good Fish Sold Here".

A man walking by noticed the sign and suggested to him: "Obviously, you're selling fish here and not in Timbuktu. Why would you need to write "Here"? So Jack painted off "Here".
Another man came by and pointed out yet another flaw, "Apparently, the fish is not for exhibition, it's for sale. Why would you need to write "Sold"? So Jack had "Sold" painted off.

Then a woman approached him and said, "Nobody would buy bad fish and you wouldn't sell bad fish either." So Jack had struck off "Good" from his sign.

Finally, the town's joker had his laugh, "Oh Jack, you can get the smell of fish from a mile away. Why would you need to write "fish" at all!"

If you live or run your life according to the expectations and reactions of people around you, you may end up striking off some good part of your life.

Tony Kayala