Mothers - Remembering

One day I had a fight with my Mom and shouted at her and did not have my lunch. I went out with my friends, and had food. Later, when I came back, I hesitated to face my Mom so I went to my room and started watching TV.Then my Dad came to me and asked me why didn’t I have lunch.

I told him that I had food with my friends and didn't want to have food cooked by Mom as I fought with her.

He listened to what I said and then said to me , 'You know, I sometimes don’t like what your Mom says or what she does but have you seen me shouting at her or fighting with her ?'

I said, 'No.'

He said, 'If you or me or your sister fight with your Mom then we can go out with our friends or colleagues and have food, chill out and come back whenever we want. But have you ever thought of your Mom after you shout at her...?
She will sit there and think for the whole day why you shouted at her and she will not have food for the whole day...
So think before you shout at her or fight with her, you have a whole world outside waiting to hangout with you but for her you, your sister and I are her world 🌎...

When any one of us shout at her, then her whole world gets wrecked. For you it’s just a matter of few seconds of anger so if you can suppress it for sometime, you can make her world a happy one...

To all Great ladies ... whom we call *MOTHER, SISTER, WIFE...*