Epic Photos That Prove Indians Absolutely Believe In Teamwork

1. In the old times, this is how women used to spend time.
2. Even today.
3. Meri girlfrand ko kuch hua to jaan se maar dunga.
(English Translation: If anything happens to my girlfriend, I'll kill you!)
4. Aao saanp saanp khelen.
(English Translation: C’mon, let’s play snake, snake)
5. Let loose!
6. We are different and that’s why we’re called ENGINEERS!
7. Seems the guy on the top helps everyone during exam. So much respect!
8. This must be Lovely Professional University!!
9. Efforts for the good.
10. Yahan ke hum sikandar.
11. The only difference is, I used to be on a bike.
12. Learn this mantra – Teamwork + jugaad = 100% success
13. You know what we call such people.
14. Trust, confidence, bravery, help – that’s what all you need in executing a group plan effectively. See how these guys are doing it right.
15. I will help you brother in building your house too.
16. Watch your hand bro. This is not allowed.
17. Immense talent! Incredible India.

Looking for more fun. ;) :D.
Be very specific while choosing your partner. Else, face this.