Current Indian Socio-Polico Conflicts

Mumbai High Court Advocate Mr. Ramesh Dabe Patil posted on his Facebook wall the following . . . .
☻Dalit (oppressed people) is cheaper than Dal (lentil curry)🍲

👤Muslim is cheaper than Meat🍖

👹Barbarity is bigger than humanity😊
🐂🐃Animal is bigger than human!👥

🙄Don't panic, our country is changing🌇

It's not a matter of emotions and faith.🏯

If it is about faith,
then rat🐁 poison would have been banned,

after all 'Rat' is the vehicle of Ganesh ji

If it is about faith,
snake 🐍 killers would have been in jail,

after all  it is wrapped around Shiva's neck.

If it is about faith,
then through out India

'Pigs' 🐖will have been worshipped,

because it is also an incarnation of Vishnu.

If it is about faith, then

'Monkeys' 🐒will not die in laboratories,

becuase they are the incarnation of Hanuman.

The actual aim is to spread unrest 👹👿😈💀☠and create hatred for the sake of politics🌷.

Please think and consider about it!

Government statistics shows that 71% of Indians are non-veg🍖🍗🍳🍢

And accordig to Government statistics, Muslims constitute 14.2%.

Then who are these remaining people?????

It is a matter of thinking!!!