Up in the Mountains - No Posts for 12 days

I was up in Shillong, Northeast of India, a 3-hr flight from Bangalore and 3-hr jeep trip up the mountains through winding roads and terraced hills that takes you to the other side of Bangladesh closer to Burma and China, among six states of India with Mongolian race people.

Ten days without internet and telephone and with incessant power cuts. The only sounds were that of the jungle. The contemplative Benedictines looked after us well. The Holy Cross  and RNDM nuns were there for a Psycho-spiritual retreat, of the type I have been directing since over 25 years. most of the sisters came from tribal or indigenous backgrounds.

The bells at the Benedictine convent Bell Tower start chiming from 4:30 am, when it is quite bright in that area as India keeps one time zone.

That explains the silence in these pages.

Tony Kayala, c.s.c.