1st Week, Thursday

1st Week, Ordinary Time, Thursday, 16-01-19
Hebrews 4:1-5, 11 / Mark 2:1-12

There are some words which we take for granted and even use for granted.

Yet when we think about it deeper, those words just don't make any sense.
 There are words like untouchables or outcasts or lower class, yet God made everybody with the same class.

There are refugees, yet this planet is our only home.

There is the first world, right down to the third world, and yet there is only one world.

If it is by words we sow divisions and segregation, then know that it is the mind that thinks up of such evil.

That is why the 1st reading warns us about the wicked mind, especially within the community, for there will be disastrous consequences.

Yet the same reading also urges us to encourage each as long as "today" lasts.

By our encouragement and affirmation, we break down the divisions and segregation and heal the loneliness and brokenness in our faith community.

Even the very simple but basic appreciation of each other's  presence is the first step towards a loving and caring community.

In doing so, we are following what Jesus did as He reached out and touched the leper in the gospel passage.

So let us reach out to appreciate, to encourage and affirm each other. Today!