3rd Week of Lent, Tuesday, 26-03-19

Daniel 3:25, 34-43 / Matthew 18:21-35

Jesus speaks about forgiveness

 “Forgive seventy-seven times. ”
Tommy Pigage was drunk when he hit and killed Ted Morris of Kentucky. Ted was the only son of Mrs. Elizabeth Morris.
The death of her only son left Elizabeth stunned and angry.
Tommy pleaded guilty, was convicted, and was ordered to give talks to high school students on behalf of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).

One day Elizabeth went to hear Tommy speak. She heard him say with heartfelt emotion that he “murdered Ted” and should be behind bars for what he did. Elizabeth said, “I didn’t want my son’s death to be totally in vain.
And, in my heart, I knew that if he could, Ted would tell us to forgive Tommy.” Today Elizabeth and Tommy are friends.
How forgiving are we toward others? “They who forgive most will be most forgiven.” (Joseph W. Bailey) (ML)
Most of us have this experience of lending money to people. And most of the time, we end up so frustrated and feel like banging our heads against the wall. Because we lent the money so easily, but it came back to us with so much difficulty and so slowly, if ever at all. And of course, the higher the amount of money lent, the greater the frustration and the heart-ache. So when it comes to talking about forgiveness, Jesus did not talk in abstract terms.

He used this experience of loans and payment.

Immediately, we will know what it means to forgive. It is almost synonymous to writing off a debt.

But to be able to write off a debt, it means that we have come to the realization and enlightenment that there is something beyond money.

Only then can we let go and move on.

Similarly, to forgive someone who had done us great harm and hurt us grievously, it means that we have come to the realization and enlightenment that there is something greater beyond the anger, the pain and the hate.

Let us pray for this realization and enlightenment.

Because it is a special grace from God. It is His healing love that is being poured into our hearts. (SY)