Monday of Holy Week, 15-04-19

Isaiah 42:1-7 / John 12:1-11

Judas criticizes Mary

 “Why was this oil not sold?”
William Barclay says of Judas’ reaction to Mary’s anointing of the feet of Jesus: “Judas had just seen an action of surpassing loveliness; and he called it extravagant waste. He was an embittered man
who took an embittered view of things.” Judas’ reaction illustrates an important fact: “We see things not as they are, but as we are.” H. M. Tomlinson

If we are prejudiced against a person, that person can do nothing right in our eyes. If we are prejudiced in favor of a person, that person can do nothing wrong in our eyes.
Judas was prejudiced against Mary.
To what extent do we tend to let our feelings and prejudices dictate our attitude and our actions toward people?
“Mud thrown is ground lost.” Alta G. Shaw

Among the words, whether spoken or unspoken, that are laden with regret are these words: I should have ...
We hear this being used in different ways and in different situations.
For e.g. "I should have taken the opportunity to encourage that person", "I should have visited my parents more often when they were still alive", "I should have studied harder for my exams". The list of "I should have..." goes on and on.
We ourselves would have said it before. Yet as much as those words might be laden with regret, still, regrets cannot reverse the situation or the consequence.
But in today's gospel, we see a woman who seized the opportunity to show Jesus an act of love. And Jesus also reciprocated by affirming her of her love and generosity.

As we enter into Holy Week, let us also seize the little moments of opportunities to show Jesus an act of love. It may be a dedicated time for prayer, or an act of service for a neighbour. Whatever it may be, it will be appreciated by Jesus.

It is still not too late to deepen our Lenten preparation.

It might be late, but it is still better than to regret and keep saying "I should have ..."