Visitation of the BVM, Friday, 31-05-19

Zephaniah 3:14-18 or Romans 12:9-16 / Luke 1:39-56

Mary sings of God’s goodness: “The Lord has exalted my lowliness.”

Amado Nervo was a Mexican mystic and poet who died in 1919. One of his poems captures the spirit of Mary’s song in today’s reading. He wrote:
“I’m only a spark, Make me a fire.
I’m only a string, Make me a lyre.

“I’m only an ant-hill, Make me a mountain.
I’m only a drop, Make me a fountain.
“I’m only a feather, Make me a wing.
I’m only a beggar, Make me a king.”
How convinced are we that our life can be truly great if we give it to Christ? If we can’t do big things, we can at least do little things in a big way.
When it comes to sharing or giving, it goes back to that saying that we can't give, or share, what we don't have. That is as true as it can be, and in the reality of life, there is always something that we can share or give, whether tangible or intangible.

In this feast of the Visitation, we heard of how Mary went to visit Elizabeth in her time of need. Mary had known from the angel Gabriel that Elizabeth was with child. Mary had intended to share with Elizabeth her time and companionship as Elizabeth comes to the final months of her pregnancy.

But as Mary greeted Elizabeth, she was also comforted as Elizabeth confirmed for her that what the angel had told her as indeed true and that she had conceived by the Holy Spirit and the child that she was bearing is truly the Son of God.

This feast of the Visitation reiterates, among other truths, that when we share or give, we too will receive. This feast also reminds us that there is always something that we can share with others or give to others. But this feast also reminds that, like Mary, we have Jesus dwelling in us. Our mission is to bring Jesus to others especially in their time of need.

May Mary pray for us that we will always be aware of the presence of Jesus in us and it is our mission and purpose in life to bring Jesus to others and to make His love known to them.