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The theme for this 105th World Day of Migrants and Refugees: 'It is not Just about Migrants'
Archbishop Luigi Ventura who strongly contests these accusations, remained in office but his diplomatic immunity was lifted in July, paving the way for a trial
Many survivors are afraid to sleep indoors as Caritas joins relief efforts in Kashmir
A private family affair was followed by a solemn liturgy presided over by the Archbishop of Paris
Raised eyebrows over Myanmar military chief's charm offensive
Min Aung Hlaing, under pressure over Rohingya abuses, is visiting non-Buddhist sites, but not everyone believes he is sincere
Poor safety standards mean that traffic accidents continue to maim and kill employees
Japan's aging society and the Catholic Church's lack of priests are a result of selfishness
Moscow Patriarchate distances itself from their intervention, calling it ‘a political declaration’
Slovakia allows abortions on demand until 12 weeks into a pregnancy and for health reasons until the 24th week
But government minister offers glimmer of hope with invitation to review grievances
‘Whoever disrespects a country's laws is not a true Muslim’
World Muslim League clarifies its stance on how followers should behave overseas
Never take a step to divide — we are men of the whole, not of the part, pope tells Jesuits during hour-long conversation
Agreements with two billionaire businessmen guarantee substantial donations
Church offices and organizations increasingly require professionals to do work beyond the scope of the clergy
In video message, Pope Francis warns world leaders at the UN summit that time is running out and urges them to take more decisive action
The transition of the congregation’s leadership from Europeans to Asians shows that the Church is growing and developing in Asia
A very different Chinese republic turns 70
Under nationalistic and ambitious Xi Jinping, China’s future is not quite so assured
Vast document submitted to prime minister
The Middle Eastern nation is in deadlock, despite Islamic State being driven out two years ago
Govt told to guarantee expatriates’ safety after deadly xenophobic attacks
Ravish Kumar wins Magsaysay Award for his efforts to preserve and promote critical, socially responsible journalism
Red witch hunt against rebels is depriving poor Filipinos of crucial services, fueling rebellion
Scouts and Guides: A ‘safe house’ for minors
The global movements have created a special body to better prevent sexual abuse
A rite of passage involving sadistic hazing rituals is being questioned by more students
Catholic schools asked to welcome families of modest means
Meeting to discuss controversial new law told that people should ‘take individual responsibility’
Students can be accompanied, if they have spiritual expectations, especially through our chaplaincy, says the rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris
Bishops unite with academics to combat ‘social virus of corruption' that is rampant among politicians
Google pays homage to ‘Pakistan’s Mother Teresa’
A special doodle depicting the German-born Sr. Ruth Pfau who helped eradicate leprosy in Pakistan commemorates the late nun's 90th birth anniversary
Fulfillment lies in giving, not in your next smartphone app, says Francis
The seven-year case has had a major impact on the public debate about when treatment should end, and end of life should be allowed to begin
Media and activists who criticize military still being targeted and detained despite amnesty for jailed Reuters reporters
‘We cannot depend on the secular press to tell our story, our teachings and traditions,’ says Miami archdiocesan communications director
Vendors confused by flip-flopping policy but company says staff are being retrained
Out of Touch
Book Review: George Weigel’s ‘Irony of Modern Catholic History’
The film is based on the disputed memoirs of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director
Novelist proves that in a society that is no longer Christian, the language of faith cannot be only spoken by Catholics
Book Review: ‘The 21: A Journey into the Land of Coptic Martyrs’
Church conflict has become corrosive and toxic
Yet another film about the French heroine reminds us that she continues to inspire the wider community