1st Week, Wednesday, Jan 15th

1 Sam 3:1-10, 19-20 / Mark 1:29-39
God calls Samuel: Samuel said, “Speak, Lord; I am listening.”

Robert Moffat was a Scottish missionary in South Africa. He returned home to try to recruit other people to join him in this work. One cold night, only a few old women and a boy showed up to hear him preach at one of the churches. He was terribly disappointed. He thought to himself, “It’s hardly worth my while to give this talk.” But Moffat put his heart and soul in it anyway.
The boy was thrilled by the challenge. He never forgot it. When he grew up, he became a doctor and went to work as a missionary among the un-reached tribes of South Africa. That boy was the great Dr. David Livingstone.
Do we try to teach young people how to listen to God’s word to them? “Let us listen to the Gospel as if Christ himself stood before us.” St. Augustine
We all know that the Church is the house of God. The house of God is also the house of love and among other aspects it is the house of God's healing love. Even the house of Peter and Andrew was transformed into a house of healing love because of the presence of Jesus, the Healer who heals with love. The love of Jesus is also a love that searches for those in need of God's healing love, so that was why He insisted on going to the other villages. God's healing love also ignites the flame of love in a house that has gone cold without love.

In the 1st reading, it was mentioned that the lamp of God in the sanctuary had not yet gone out. Through the young Samuel, the flame of God's love was ignited again to heal the faith of His people. God wants His house, the Church, to be a house of love and healing, to be a sign of salvation.
We are the living stones making up God's house. Yet God has also made His home in us.

As we gather in God's house for the Eucharist, may we be healed of our sins and may the flame of God's love burn bright in our hearts, which is also the house of God.