COVID - 2: Prayer: Like the disciples in the boat - Terrified by the Storm

Dear Lord Jesus,

Truly, you are the Son of God. You have revealed your glory to us during the storms in our lives. Gigantic waves of illness and suffering have buffeted us. Howling gusts of confusion and distress due to the virus threaten to disturb our peace. Our vision is distorted by all kinds of terrifying news from across the world. Fear of the unknown and unseen cripples us.
Through the dismal darkness of a restless night, we long to hear your voice calling us to “Come”: to come beyond the physical boundaries and safety zones set up by the society. We want boldness and courage to be like Peter. While the other eleven sat in the boat paralyzed by panic, Peter recognized your voice and took a giant leap forward. With our eyes fixed on you, Lord Jesus, we too will soon step out of our comfort zone to accomplish the impossible.

Please give us faith to focus on you these days, forgetting the fierce waves and ferocious wind of the covid. Those who sit worried and watching will wonder at what they’ve witnessed. Mesmerized by the miracle, they, too, will believe that you truly are the Son of God. Together, we’ll bow down and worship you for the great things you have done for us. In the name of Jesus. Amen.