COVID: Facts Are Proving to Be Stranger Than Fiction

1.     Who would believe?
An Italian delegation present in Somalia has ended its program, but they refused to return to Italy and asked the Somali government to renew their residency.

2.     Who would believe?
Somali Prime Minister left Somalia to live in Britain after the end of his rule, he died in Britain of Coronavirus.

3.     Who would believe? Who control what?
Trump's separation wall between America and Mexico in order to prevent illegal Mexican immigration. Mexico is currently closing it and rejecting American immigrants.

4.     Who would believe?
Just two months ago, Spain was suffering from the boats of illegal immigration coming to it from all the countries of Africa through Morocco. Currently boats are sailing back, illegal immigration boats carrying Spanish immigrants trying to enter Morocco.

5.     Who would believe?
The strongest army and the strongest economy, a G20 summit in progress, sends terror in their hearts, and they are the ones who said; none can terrorize us in the world.

6.     Who would believe?
To mobilize armies to win the war, today separated to survive..
Who would believe?

7.     Who would believe?
Doctors opposed the entire world on all that is natural in treatment, today they all come to describe all that is natural, to raise immunity because of their inability to prescribe a cure.

The doctor dies from Corona and the patient recovers. Who’s got power over whom???

If this was said three months ago, none of us could have believed.