Easter, 2nd Week, Saturday, Apr 25

Acts 6:1-7 / John 6:16-21 
The disciples run into trouble: The Lord was with them in their trouble.

There’s a famous poem called “Footprints.” It’s about a person, in a dream, walking along a beach with the Lord. Suddenly, across the sky, scenes appear from the person’s life. For each scene, two sets of footprints appear in the sand: one belonging to the Lord, the other to the person. What confuses the person is that during the most trying times in life only one set of footprints appears. When the person asks the Lord why he left during these most trying times, the Lord says, “I would never leave you during your times of trial and suffering. When you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”
How firmly do we believe that God is with us always, especially during times of trial and suffering?
“The Lord, your God, carried you, as a man carries his child, all along your journey.” Deuteronomy 1:31
It is said that in carrying water in a bucket, in order to prevent the water from spilling, all that is needed is just to float a piece of wood on the water in the bucket.

Whether this really works or not, it would be interesting to find out. If this method really works, then it only goes to show that even a simple task like carrying water in a pail requires a stabilizing factor.

The Church also requires a stabilizing factor. Whether the task is about distributing food to the poor or bringing peace to a troubled situation, the Church must remember this: And that is, no task is too small for the Church not to require the grace of God.

And on the personal level, no task is too small for us not to require the grace of God.

The apostles in the early Church knew the importance of prayer and the necessity of grace in every aspect of the life of the Church.

They knew from experience that without prayer and praying for God's grace, they will be like a boat in the storm and they will sink into anxiety and fear.

Very often, the solution to the problems we face in life is as simple as floating a piece of wood on the water in order to reduce spillage.

Yet, it certainly requires prayer and God's grace to know what to do and how to do it.