Holy Thursday - Adoration Prayers


Our Response: We adore you, Lord Jesus, and we bless you

a)     We adore you, Lord Jesus, Firstborn of all creation. Fill the universe with your splendor and our hearts with your love. (R)
b)    We adore you, Lord Jesus, first Word in the silence of the world. Be the praise on our lips and the love in our hearts. (R)

c)     We adore you. Lord Jesus, mercy of God on the road of our life. Give us your tenderness for the poor and love for our communities. (R)
d)    We adore you. Lord Jesus, firstborn among the dead. Awaken us on the last Day for the eternal feast and be love in our hearts. (R)
e)     We adore you. Lord Jesus, good Samaritan who has mercy on us. Be the healing of the wounds of our sins and the love in our hearts. (R)
f)     We adore you, Lord Jesus, living water to refresh our dried-up lips. Be the living words on our lips to invite people to your well. (R)
g)    We adore you, Lord Jesus, the invigorating wine that brings joy to our celebrations. Fill our empty jars with optimism and encouragement. (R)
h)    We adore you, Lord Jesus, as you write our sins on the sand and your forgiveness on our hearts. Be our mercy on our brokenness. (R)
i)      We adore you. Lord Jesus, last smile at the hour of our death. Be our first Joy upon entering into your Kingdom and the love in our hearts. (R)

*Our response will be R:/ We adore you and praise you, O Lord.*

a)    You alone, Lord Jesus, are light in our night. Guide the blind that we are toward the dawn of your eternal Day. R:/
b)    You alone, Lord Jesus, are Master of wisdom and fountain of mercy. Instruct the students that we are in the wisdom of heaven. R:/
c)     You alone, Lord Jesus, are brightness in our sight. Take away the straw and plank from our eyes; reveal your beauty to us on the faces of your children. R:/
d)    You alone, Lord Jesus are the good tree which gives us the fruits of paradise. Tear out the thorns and briars from our souls, make us ready for the harvest of heaven. R:/
e)     You alone, Lord Jesus, are a treasure buried in our heart. May the riches that you have placed in our heart flow from our lips in words of love and praise. R:/
f)      You alone, Lord Jesus, are the Good shepherd that seeks out the strayed sheep. Come Lord to bandage our wounds and carry us in your bosom R:/
g)    You alone, Lord Jesus, are the Good Shepherd who leads the sheep to green pastures and running waters. Make us sit with you at the banquet you prepare for us R:/

As we come before you during this Holy Week with our sisters and brothers, we know you read our hearts; You see the secrets of our life, our lostness in lust and little things, not harmonized. We now realize that in loving worship of you alone, O Lord, we become truly Christians. Remaining within your loving embrace, a worshiper in spirit and in truth can we be a candle burning brightly for the Lord. Turn our days into a joyful celebration of the mystery, that is our origin and end. Unite us with you high priest of humanity, the Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, Firstborn of all creatures.
For you have chosen us before the foundation of the world; you are the vibration of our soul. Make us servants of the universe
blending all creatures inwardly into a song of praise and adoration. Let the radiance of' your worship shine upon our daily doings. Change the world before our inner eyes into a revelation of your splendour, shining forth most brightly. The destiny of all that is. This we make through Christ, our Lord. Amen. (Pause)

Here is my love offered to you, a love of pain, suffering unto death. Take and receive my gift of self, my healing stillness that drives from out of your heart all noise and clamour, of love divine, pursuing, ever present.

This healing love I give to you. Kneel down to receive this anointing as kings of old, as consecrated servants. I send you forth, healed and whole to be a healing touch of love to all you meet.

You were broken, but always loved.  Now be love to those who still know not of my healing, loving power. Tell them the good news that darkness can be turned into light, loneliness can embrace and be united into a loving community of many in the oneness of my love. Absence is driven out by presence; brokenness can be healed by love!