Holy Week -5: Meditation: Jesus Betrayed

The betrayals of so many people ended in a tragedy of cosmic proportions. Let us pay particular attention to all those seemingly insignificant decisions made by the supporting actors in this melancholy drama. It won't be difficult to see ourselves in this play; each of us commits the same little murders every day. 

Peter, James, John      -dozed
Judas                           -betrayed
Annas Caiaphas          -plotted
Sanhedrin                    -connived
Herod                          -feared
Peter                            -denied
Witnesses                    -lied
Crowds                        -shouted
Pilate                           -lingered (demurred)
Guards                        -mocked
Onlookers                   -jeered
Simon of Cyrene        - refused /balked
The Ten disciples       -fled
Soldiers                       -gambled
One Thief                   -scorned
I                                  -concurred/agreed

A contrary choice, a pause to reflect, a "no" to self-centeredness may have altered, not the outcome, of course, but the plot. But in real life the right choice, doing the right thing, accepting the consequence would have made a real difference in our lives.

Father of mercy, you know my little betrayals. By themselves they don't amount to much. Taken together they pave the road to Calvary. Let me see the full effect of my sins and my choices so that I may renounce the evil done and resolve to do no more. Amen.

The Turning Point: 

The turning point lies dead ahead;
A moment's pause to make or break.
Each act affords an inch to flinch;
A time to ask can grace replace
The urges which betray his Way.
His strength awaits your best request;
Unless you ask, the sin will win.
The choice is clear - to call or fall.