Jesus, the Bread of Life - Prayer -3

The Bread from Sweat, Tears and Blood

Lord, you have designed that for every drop of sweat, a seed is taken and planted, for every drop of tear, the ground is watered and the seed is germinated and for every drop of blood that is shed, the seed of conversion is produced. Wasn’t it your design, Lord, that Stephen’s blood become the seed of Saul’s conversion? Let not, Lord, no drop of sweat, no drop of tear and no drop blood of your people be shed without making your mission in this world accomplished! Without making it your Bread of Life in this hungry, thirsty and starving world.

 Lord, when our journey is long and we hunger and thirst, Bread of Life, come to sustain us. When the road is hard and filled with different types of viruses and our bodies are weak, Bread of Life, come to heal us. When our spirits are low and we can’t carry on, Bread of Life, come to revive us. When we offer our hand in love and in service, Bread of life, come to bless us. When the challenge is great and the workers are few, Bread of Life, come to empower us. When the victory is won and we see your face, Bread of Life, come to rejoice with us!

We bless you, God of sweat, tears and blood, God of seed and harvest, provider of our daily bread, supporter of our lives with friends and family, help us bless each other that the beauty of this world and the love that created it might be expressed through our lives and be a blessing to others, now and always. In Jesus’ name. Amen.