Jesus, the Bread of Life- Prayer -6

As we Battle our Addictions at this time of Isolation

Lord, our God, though we have learned through your servant Augustine “our hearts are made for you and they shall not rest until they rest in you”, your created things whose only being was to serve you held us back from you and the Bread of life that your son is. Even though, Lord, you tried to break through our deafness, flash through our blindness, flavour through our taste buds, breathe through our nostrils and touch us through our bodies, we have remained cold, stubborn, insensitive and unresponsive because those things fed us in the body and gave us pleasure even as we missed your joy which was not of this world. You have made us, Lord, for happiness.

These days, Lord, as we are in isolation, we realize we can be addicted to many forms of pleasure even though we know deep in our hearts that pleasure is short-lived, it’s experienced alone, it’s taking and not giving, it’s achieved though substances even making people as objects.

Lord, our God, today we thank you that nothing we struggle with is impossible for us with your help to overcome. You are above all things, and in you, all things are held together. This season is hard for all of us, but especially for our brothers and sisters battling addiction. Help them realize that their struggles do not define their identity or worth.

They are your children, called by your name, and set apart for your purposes. Show them that their chains can be broken. Help them to resist temptation so that they can embrace your fullness of life. Give them your strength to fight back when they feel overwhelmed, and place people in their lives who will support them. Protect their bodies, hearts, and minds. Shield them from temptation, and deliver them from evil. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.