Jesus, the Good Shepherd: We pray for other sheep and shepherds- #4

Jesus, the Good Shepherd: We pray for other sheep and shepherds- #4 
Prayer for Others

Lord, we ask for the courage and compassion of the Good Shepherd, who lays down his life for his sheep.

 We pray for those prepared to suffer and even to die for what they believe in. We pray for those whose lives and rights are sacrificed in the name of power and greed. We pray for those who risk themselves by accompanying others along paths of deep suffering, through valleys of fear and despair.

Lord we ask for the compassion of the good shepherd who leads his sheep to safe pasture. We pray for those who work to feed and shelter and educate the poor peoples of our world.

We pray for those skilled at nursing and healing those who are suffering or ill in body, mind or spirit. We pray for all those who care especially for those affected by corona virus and their families, for the victims of our society, those unable to cope with life, the neglected, the abused.

Lord, we ask for the love of the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep by name. We pray for our church, for ministers and office bearers, for its preachers and teachers and all engaged in pastoral care.

We pray for those we know, relatives or friends who are facing difficult times. We pray for ourselves that we might hear the call from our Good Shepherd and follow his way of love. 
We make all our prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen.