Mothers' Day - Intercessory Prayers


1.       For all mothers, particularly those who are with child: that they may be supported by loved ones and warm friends, and that they may be understood and blessed; We pray to the Lord:
2.       For young mothers everywhere, and especially those who are tempted to despair: that through the child they carry deep within, they might know hope and joy; We pray to the Lord:
3.       For all mothers, especially those who are young or alone: beaten or addicted; that God might heal their broken hearts and seal them with his love; We pray to the Lord:
4.       For mothers, especially those wracked with fear, depression or despair, that the new life of their child may touch them with the eternal love of God; We pray to the Lord:
5.       For young mothers tempted to abort their child: that God’s grace might give them the wisdom and fortitude to preserve the gift they carry within them; We pray to the Lord:
6.       For all mothers tempted to abortion: that God might teach us how to love them; We pray to the Lord:
7.       For expectant mothers: for the gifts of patient endurance and joyful hope; We pray to the Lord:
8.       For each mother who has miscarried: that her love for the child of her womb might deliver her from grief
and join her to the hope of the Cross of Christ; We pray to the Lord:
9.       For pregnant teenagers: that we might provide examples for them of holy and faithful married love; We pray to the Lord:
10.    For the eternal repose of our deceased mothers: We pray to the Lord:

1.       For all mothers: That they be supported and encouraged in their special vocation of love for others; We pray to the Lord.
2.       For the gift of motherhood: that all might treasure and support God’s plan for life and love; We pray to the Lord.
3.       For all mothers: that their children will honor their many sacrifices by lives of service and virtue; We pray to the Lord.
4.       For all mothers who await the birth of a child, especially those present here today: that the Lord protect all unborn sons and daughters and bring them to a safe delivery; We pray to the Lord.
5.       For all married couples who are struggling with infertility: that the Lord grant them peace as they hope for the gift of a child; We pray to the Lord.
6.       For mothers who grieve and mourn, especially those who have lost a child before birth: that they find consolation in God’s promise of life; We pray to the Lord.
7.       For all families: That the freedom of all people to live out God’s plan for life and love be protected and supported in law; We pray to the Lord.
8.       For those called to work in the health care profession: that they be granted wisdom to view a woman’s fertility as healthy and natural; We pray to the Lord.
9.       For those called to lives of service: may they be free to follow their faith in caring for the physical and spiritual needs of others; We pray to the Lord.
10.    For our lawmakers: that they be granted the wisdom and courage to uphold conscience rights and protect all people from being forced to violate their moral and religious convictions; We pray to the Lord.
11.    For policy makers: that they be encouraged to support programs that protect a woman’s healthy and natural capacity to be a mother; We pray to the Lord.
12.    For all churches, agencies, employers, healthcare providers and individuals: that they may be free from government mandates that would compel them to compromise their beliefs; We pray to the Lord