Prayer Service in Preparation for Pentecost

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
L: Your Spirit, Lord God, present from the beginning of beginnings, present in the message of the prophets, Kings and Judges of your choice, present in the surrender of faith in Mary and her accompaniment of your son, present in provision for your people, present in the life and words of Jesus, present in the Cross and crucifixion, present in the lives of the apostles, present in the early Christians as they formed into a community, present in their imprisonments and persecutions, present in the Church that you empower. Your Spirit, the presence of God in our hearts and lives, we adore you and we praise you. (Pause)

R/-: Come, Holy Spirit, heal the hearts of your faithful.

1.     L: Spirit of Wisdom, forgive us for the times we were attached to the perishable things of this world and not sought the things that are eternal, R/-:
2.     L: Spirit of Understanding, forgive us for the times we have tried to enlighten our minds with knowledge and information from the wrong sources R/-:
3.     L: Spirit of right Judgment, forgive us for making judgments without reason or compassion. R/-:
4.     L: Spirit of Courage, forgive us for the times we were afraid of the consequences and avoided truth and justice, R/-:
5.     L: Spirit of Knowledge, forgive us for the times we didn’t use your words and commandments as our basis of decisions and dialogues, R/-
6.     L: Spirit of Reverence, forgive us for the times we have lost a sense sacredness and revered more the material things you have created rather than yourself, your people and places and things for worship, R/-
7.     L: Spirit of Wonder and Awe, forgive us for losing a sense of mystery in people and mystery and miracle in your universe, R/-

L: We ask for your forgiveness, Lord, when we forget the power that lies within, and trust instead upon our human strength. Remind us of that glorious day when your Spirit transformed the lives of those who hid in fear, into men of power. Renew these hearts which have grown cold with flames of fire, as on that Pentecost, that this might be the church that you desire. (Pause)
1.     L: -For the Spirit of Peace that calms our mind and stills our life,        R/-: we give you thanks.
2.     L: For the Spirit of Love that touches hearts and reaches out,
R/-: we give you thanks.
3.     L: For the Spirit of Joy that lifts our soul and gives us faith,
R/-: we give you thanks.
4.     L: For the Spirit of Power, that gift of grace for this your Church, R/-: we give you thanks. 

L: The Spirit came and your Church was born, in wind and fire and words of power.  The Spirit came blowing fear aside, and in its place weak hearts were stronger. The Spirit came as your word foretold, with dreams and signs, visions and wonders.  The Spirit came and is here today, to feed the hearts of a world that hungers.  (Pause)

1.     L: Spirit of life R/-: Fill our emptiness with your fullness
2.     L: Spirit of power: R/-: Stir our hearts afresh
3.     L: Spirit of love: R/-: Touch us, and through us, our neighbour
4.     L: Spirit of Creativity: R/-: Enable and empower the gifts you have given
5.     L: Spirit of Eternity: R/-: Draw us ever deeper into your Kingdom

All: Holy Spirit, we humbly pray that the fruits you have planted within us, your faithful servants, grow and blossom into a revival. Birth within us your never-failing love, so pure and so true, to love those around us. Resurrect the unspeakable joy we once knew to bring happiness wherever we go. This we ask through Christ, OL. Amen

Hymn to the Holy Spirit