29th Week, Tuesday, Oct 20

Ephesians 2:12-22 / Luke 12:35-38

Paul talks about our salvation: Christ has brought us closer to God.

Bill Wilson was a “high roller” in the 1920s. Then came the stock market crash. Bill lost everything. Like many other victims of the crash, Bill turned to drink. Soon he found himself addicted to drink. In the next two years, he made four attempts to break his addiction.

They all failed, leaving him hopeless. The saving moment of his life came when he met Dr. Robert H. Smith. Together, in 1935, they founded the program that is now called Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill Wilson, and thousands like him, can relate to Paul’s words in today’s reading: “You, who used to be far away, have been brought near by the sacrificial death of Christ.” How have we experienced Christ’s saving power in our own personal lives?

“Amazing grace! . . . I once was lost, but now am found.”

John Newton


We usually like to be notified in advance if someone wants to pay us a visit. Then we will tidy up our house or office and prepare something to welcome and entertain our guests. But if someone visits us without prior notice, then we may be caught in an inconvenient or untimely situation. But for those servants in the gospel passage, they knew that their master will return from the wedding feast, just that they did not know when would it be.

Jesus is telling us to be ready and alert always and He will visit us in the form of persons whom we don't usually pay much attention to or whom we don't usually have time for. We must be ready and alert and be aware that it is in such persons and situations that Jesus is paying us a gracious visit. Because whenever Jesus pays us a visit, it is always a visit that comes along with His blessings of love and peace and joy. It may be at an inconvenient and unexpected time, but it will always be a God-filled and blessed moment.


Let us Pray: Lord our God, Jesus your Son has broken down the barriers dividing peoples and nations, but why are we still so far apart, even within our own households?  He has brought us close by his blood, but why does his one body remain a dream far removed from reality?  God, let us not be aliens to one another, bring us together, help us to demolish the walls of hatred and exploitation, of distrust and power that divide your people, that we may be all one in Jesus Christ our Lord.