29th Week, Wednesday, Oct 21

Ephesians 3:2-12 / Luke 12:39-48

Paul talks about his call: God called me, the least of all his people.


The Melrose Suspension Bridge on the Niagara links the United States to Canada. The bridge was reportedly built in 1848 by engineer Theodore Elliot, in this fashion. First, a kite with a thread attached to it was flown across the Niagara River.

Next, a cord was attached to the thread and pulled across. Then, a rope was attached to the cord. Finally, a cable was attached to the rope. From the cable, larger cables and the rest of the bridge were moved into place. Had Paul lived in our modern times, he might have used this story to make the point he stressed in today’s reading. He, “the least of all God’s people,” was the tiny, fragile thread by which God began

the convention of the Gentile world.


Do we believe that God can use us to do big things, just as he used Paul? “I’m only a spark, / Make me a fire, I’m only a string, / Make me a lyre Amado Nervo


We all know how unpleasant and frustrating it is to wait for someone or for something. We just have to remember the last time we missed the bus or the train, and we have to spend the unproductive time waiting for the next one to come. Or if the delivery person or the repair-man tells us that he will come between a certain time. We may have no other choice than to just sit around and wait. Not only can it be boring, the time is like wasted away.
Yet as much as we don't like to wait, let us also realize that the Lord is waiting for us. He is waiting for us to respond to His promptings and to use the gifts and talents that He has bestowed upon us to reach out and serve others. There is always someone waiting for us to help them in their troubles, to show love and care, to listen and to share.

In the 1st reading, we knew why St. Paul was so zealous and fervent about his mission. Because he knew that what was entrusted to him was a gift of grace from God. He knew that much was entrusted to him and much was also expected from him. The Lord has entrusted us with His love. May we not wait any longer to put His love into action.