30th Week, Monday, Oct 26

Ephesians 4:12 - 5:8 / Luke 13:10-17 

Paul talks about Christian life: Live like people who belong to the light. 

Mildred Butterfield makes a provocative observation in the prayer magazine The Upper Room. One morning she was standing at her bathroom mirror putting the usual final touches on her external appearance. After she finished, she said to herself, “Now I’m ready to face the new day.” But then she heard an inner voice say, “Your outer person is ready to face the day, but what about your inner person? Have you made your mind and your heart ready to face the day? Have you touched up your spirit of forgiveness, generosity, and self-control? Are these ready to greet the new day?”


Do we begin each day with a renewed resolve to live our day

as befits children of the light? “The Lord said ... ‘Man looks at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.’ ”1Sam16:7


To have a good posture, the back needs to be straight and the head held up and looking straight. So, if we find ourselves always looking at the ground or the floor, it means we need some straightening up. Also, we can't be looking straight and yet being hunched.

In the gospel, we hear of a woman who was bent double. It is difficult to imagine what being bent double is. But whatever it is, it can be quite certain that for that woman to look straight it would take a lot of effort. Needless to say, for her to look up is almost like impossible. So for eighteen long years, that woman was in that kind of condition. Inevitably people would avoid her because of this appearance and some would think that it was some kind of spiritual affliction.

But despite all this suffering, the woman still kept her faith. She was there at the synagogue where Jesus was preaching. Jesus saw her, and also saw her faith despite her suffering, and He healed her. And at once she straightened up and she glorified God. We may not be bent double and we may even have a good posture. But at time, the troubles of life make our eyes look down and we see nothing more than our troubles.

But like the woman in the gospel, let us keep our faith in God and keep believing that Jesus will lift up our eyes and our hearts to see the wonders of God.

And may we also help others to lift up their eyes and hearts to God. More than just a good posture, we need a strong faith to keep hoping and believing and help others to hope and believe in the saving and healing love of Jesus.


Let us pray: God our Father, we come to you in all humility as we acknowledge to you that we have failed and now seek your forgiveness. Straighten us, Lord, lift us up, recreate us anew, and fill us with your love Make us lift up one another and give thanks to you, our merciful and living God, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen