34th Week, Friday, Nov 27

Apocalypse 20:1-4, 11 - 21:2 / Luke 20:29-33


I saw the dead: They were judged according to their deeds.


In London's Westminster Abbey, there's a tiny chapel called St. George's Chapel. It was built as a memorial to Londoners who lost their lives during the air raids of World War Il.

Inside the chapel are four large books. These books contain the names of over 60,000 air-raid victims. One book lies open and on it shines a light illuminating the page of names. Each day the page is turned, revealing a new set of names. As you read them you have no way of knowing whether the person whose name you are reading was rich or poor, young or old, handsome or ugly, black, white, or brown. Nor does it matter. All that matters is what each person became in the course of living his or her life on earth.


What are we becoming in the course of our life? "You become a Christian; you're not born one."


The Book of Revelation gives us today a vision of hope: God will ultimately be victorious; the forces of evil will be chained for good, the just will reign with God, a new heaven and a new earth will come, God’s people (the new Jerusalem) will be pure. We must be aware that eternal life is already at work in the life of the baptized and people themselves help in giving birth to a new world. We must, as Jesus says, see these things happening now.



Promises are not that easy to keep, even when the conditions are stable and under control. Promises are also not that easy to keep especially when there is turmoil and chaos. More so in a situation of war and devastation and nothing is predictable.


Jesus also left us a promise when He said in today's gospel: Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will not pass away. But when we are faced with the painful realities of life, the promise of Jesus may seem to lose its impact and significance. However, the challenge to believe in His promise remains as we keep fighting the good fight and running the race even when we cannot see the finish line.


The 1st reading also reminds us: God's sovereignty is an eternal sovereignty which shall never pass away, nor will His empire be destroyed. So, let us remember that it is God who is making a promise to us His people. What God has promised He will fulfill.


For our part, we just have to keep on believing and trusting in God always. Let us remember that though we may falter, God is always faithful.


The faithful should keep hope in patience: God’s kingdom is near. There are not only tensions and conflicts inside God’s people and from outside: there are also signs of hope, and we should see these signs.


Let us pray: God of the ages and of eternity, you have entrusted to us, your people, your project about people and the world. Do not allow us to delay your plans by our own limitations. Make us aware that all we can do is being a leaven, and a sign that the seed you have sown will grow. Keep us hoping in patience, that integrity, love and justice will come in your own good time as a gift from you, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.