Advent, 24th December, Thursday

 2 Samuel 7:1-5, 8-12, 14, 16 / Luke 1:67-79 

Nathan prophesies about David: “Your kingdom will last forever. ”

Today’s reading brings us full circle. Why? Because, in a true sense, the seed of Christmas is found in Nathan’s prophecy to David: “Tell my servant David that I say to him, . . . ‘I will make your kingdom last forever. Your dynasty will never end.’ ” The birth of Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of that prophecy. Jesus, the King of Kings, is David’s descendant, who will rule forever. It is fitting, therefore, that we should return to this prophecy in our final reading before Christmas.


Do we keep in mind that Christmas is not only the celebration of Jesus’ birth into our world, but also the celebration of his birth into our hearts? “Christ came when all things were growing old. He made them new.” St. Augustine   


With the festivities happening around us and with the year coming to an end, we may want to just have a good time and forget about our worries and anxieties for a while.

 With one day just before Christmas, we may yearn for some quiet time for prayer and for reflection on the meaning of Christmas and how we have prepared for it this time around. 

Yet it may not be that conducive to make time to do this recalling and reflecting, because of the frenzy of activities and busyness. 

Even in Church, people are busy making preparations for the Masses this evening and tomorrow, and also for the Christmas parties along the way. 

So as much as we may hope that it is going to be "Silent Night, Holy Night", it may not be really so. In fact, it may well be a noisy and busy night. 

Yet we must make time for ourselves to be with the Lord if we really want to experience the silence and the holiness of this eve of Christmas. 

We have to make time for ourselves to welcome God as He visits His people and to feel His wonderful gift of love in Jesus. 

Just one day before Christmas we are reminded in the gospel what is the meaning of this whole occasion. God has fulfilled His promise of salvation. He is sending us our long awaited Saviour. Jesus our Saviour will lead us from darkness of sin and from the shadow of death and guide us into the way of peace. Let us make time today for prayer and reflection. Let us feel the holy silence of this eve of Christmas. May we be filled with a joyful peace as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.


The promise made by the Lord was finally fulfilled with the birth of Jesus… God would set his people free by no less than his own Son. Was the promise finally fulfilled? It was the beginning of the fulfilment. Everything was there to make it real and effective, except the people who would have to put it into practice. For God created us free, and that means he relies on us, on our acceptance and cooperation, on our love. We have to let God make his peace and love come true among us. With and through Jesus. That’s why he came among us as one of us. Here I am, human like you. Look at me and see how it is to be done. Do it with me. I am with you and stay with you to give you the strength. Come, let’s begin. Now. 


Let us pray: Lord, loving and mighty God, you fulfilled your promise to save us when Jesus, your Son, became one of us.  We are no longer in the dark, for you let your light shine on us.  Bring us your salvation now, set us really free from our sins, let us become fully human with Jesus and go with him in your way of peace and love.  Let him be our strength, our constant companion on the road, that through him and growing in his humanity, we may be your beloved sons and daughters.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.