14th Week, Monday, Jul 8

14TH Week, Monday, July 8

Hosea2:16-18, 21022 / Matthew 9:18-26

Hosea prophesies in Israel: I will speak to Israel’s heart

13th Week, Saturday, July 6th; Saint Maria Goretti

 13th Week, Saturday, July 6th; Saint Maria Goretti

Amos 9:11-15 / Matthew 9:14-17

Amos holds out hope to IsraelGod said, "I will rescue my people."

13th Week, Friday, July 5th

13th Week, Friday, July 5th

Amos 8: 4-6, 9-12 / Matthew 9: 9-13

Amos foretells terrible days ahead; "People will hunger for God's Word."

13th Week, Thursday, July 4th: St. Elizabeth of Portugal

 Amos 7:10-17 / Matthew 9:1-8 

Amos is ordered out of Israel: “Go on back to Judah.”

July 3rd: St. Thomas, Apostle of India

Ephesians 2:19-22 / John 20:24-29

You are no longer strangers: You are being built into God’s temple.

13th Week, Tuesday, July 2nd

 13th Week, Tuesday, July 2nd

Amos 3:1-6; 4:11-12 / Matthew 8:23-27 

I treated you as special: “But you did not return to me.”

13th Week, Monday, July 1

13th Week, Monday, July 1

Amos 2:6-11, 13-16 / Matthew 8:18-22 

Amos prophesies in Israel: “You trample on the poor!”

Saints Peter and Paul: Feast: June 29

 Starter Story: God chooses ordinary people: Sinners who will become saints in order to understand other sinners and uplift them.