Mother Teresa: Another Story

     Many years ago during a flight from South America to Mexico City, the stewardess prepared to serve lunch to about fifty passengers. When she handed the sack lunch to Mother Teresa, the little nun asked her, “How much did this lunch cost the airline today?”
     Somewhat surprised, the stewardess thought for a moment, then replied, “About one dollar.”

     “Could I give my lunch back and receive a dollar from the airline to help feed the poor?
     The stewardess didn’t know what to do so she asked the pilot and he said that would be okay.
Most of the other passengers on the flight that day saw what Mother Teresa had done and they, too, asked if they could return their lunches and receive the money to give to Mother Teresa to help feed the poor. Again, the stewardess agreed.
     When the flight landed in Mexico City, the stewardess gave the money to Mother Teresa and as he was leaving the plane she met the pilot. “Sir, what now will you do with all the food that the passengers returned?”
     The pilot said it would be thrown away.
     “Would it be possible for me to have that food to feed the poor children in an orphanage here in Mexico City?”
     The pilot must have smiled when he realized what she had done. He agree to give her all the food and even provided one of the airline’s trucks to take the food to the orphanage.