COVID- Prayer 11: Prayer for Peace and Happiness

COVID Prayer – 11 - Prayer for Peace and Happiness

Lord our God,

There is always some kind of longing in us. Essentially, it is a longing for happiness and contentment.

So, when there are problems at work, we long for solutions and to be free from trouble so that we can be productive and effective at work.

When there are problems at home, then we long for peace and harmony in the family/community.

When we have health problems, then we will surely long for a cure and hope to be well again.

So as long as we are alive, we will have problems and there will always be a longing for happiness and peace and contentment.

You who promised that peace and joy in life, to you we come at this time of great anxiety and fear for our people due to the COVID to help us release our tensions and anxieties and celebrate life with our families and friends. Lord, bless all those in uniforms assisting and disciplining people night and day and encourage all those collecting food for the hapless ones.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.