COVID – Prayer-13: Change in Our Lives

Lord, our God,

You have asked us to get into a “Noah’s Ark” these days, an ark that was made according to a particular size, design, shape and material. We were asked to make a journey of uncertain length, floating in unknown waters, not knowing where it would go and when it would end and how we would survive. We were only asked to trust in the Lord. Forty days and forty nights it rained, the winds swayed and tossed the boat like a toy in the turbulent waters. We were only asked to trust in the Lord.

As the boat moved, Lord, you were with us changing our hearts, minds and our calculations. You have moved us from fright of the virus to prevention of the disease; from the fear of the COVID for ourselves to protection of others; safety for ourselves to security for others.

You have moved us from storing non essentials to essentials only for our family/community; you have changed our attitude of stocking provisions for ourselves to sharing and providing for the others.

You are finally moving us from panic to peace and serenity in your providential care as Noah and his family learned. You have finally taught us “Ark” means an “Act of Random Kindness”. Thank you, O Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.