COVID – Prayer-14: Waiting for the Lord’s Time

Dear Lord, our God,

These days, we have been waiting for the lock-down to be lifted, so that we can travel freely, explore the streets and stores, meet with friends and family and continue to catch up with our commitments, assignments and exams. Sometimes, Lord, this waiting has been difficult, worrisome, exhausting and frustrating.
 However, Lord, you have often taught us the meaning of waiting in life. As you made *Mary and Martha* to wait four days after the death of Lazarus to raise him (Jn 11), as you made your mother and the hosts at the wedding in Cana wait, because “my time has not come”, as you doodled calmly on the sand when the people impatiently waited with stones in their hands to kill the adulterous woman, as you seemingly paid no attention initially to the Canaanite woman who begged for healing (Mt 15) and the official Jairus’ request for his little daughter (Mk 5), you make us wait these days for your words: “come out”, “get up”, “come down”, “follow me”, “Talitha Kum”, “be opened”, “your faith has saved you”, “I don’t condemn you either” and “go in peace”. Speak again, Lord, those words of relief and release, assurance and healing, grace and peace, hope and trust that we may know how to wait in tranquility of heart and serenity of mind, beyond our time (Chronos) to your time (Kairos).

Often in life, Lord, we have to wait, you teach us, as the disciples waited for your resurrection for three days in doubt, anxiety and fear. You remind us to be careful not to allow the waiting to open the door to doubt and discouragement, loss of faith and trust in you. You want us to trust that you will get us to the right place at the right time, no matter what we are waiting for. *You want us to learn from nature how like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon, it takes time, it takes effort, it takes struggle to get out of that cocoon.* But once it breaks out, it comes forth in such beauty. Its wings become strong and its body light. It's ready, it's poised to be able to fly. That's what happens to us when we wait, you seem to tell us. We become strong and beautiful, ready to embrace all you have planned for us. Thank you, O Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.