Holy Week-1: Jesus –Broken

Into our broken world you came, Lord Jesus. You embraced our darkness, even though you are pure light. You were born in a cave and wrapped in flimsy cloth, you who cover the heavens with the sun, moon and stars. You cried for your mother's milk, you who feed the entire world. You needed the warm arms of a mother, you who stretch out to embrace the universe. You submitted to the Law, you who make all laws of nature. You were baptized as a sinner in the Jordan. You who are sinless and all pure. You traveled about preaching to the multitudes, you who are the silent, everlasting Word of God. You touched the lepers, gave sight to the blind, and opened the ears of the deaf, because you came to give them abundant life.
You, the King of the universe, became like a humble servant. You were hungry and thirsty, you who provide food and drink for all. Sinners touched you and were healed of their loneliness. You were called a friend of harlots you the pure Bridegroom of Your Church. You were poor with no pillow for your head, you who possess the fullness of the Father.

You were the light, but the darkness did not comprehend. You offered love, but received rejection in turn.

You wept for the sins of the world, you, the joy of the world. You washed the feet of sinful men, the Master who came to serve. Ours were the sufferings you bore, ours the sorrows you carried. You were struck low as a criminal, crushed for our sins. You were acquainted with sorrows, you who brought pleasure to Your Father. Your sufferings and punishment bring to us peace and forgiveness. And by Your wounds we can be healed.

O, Jesus, radiant Light, you entered into our darkness of sin, violence and shame, that we might have a share in your healing light. On the cross, like a valiant warrior, you entered into the battle of light against darkness, of love against selfishness, of giving against possessing, of forgiving against revenge, of letting go against holding on to.

The soldiers looked upon you whom they had pierced for they saw that to break your bones was useless for you were total brokenness. You were taken down from the cross, wrapt again in flimsy cloth and held in the arms of Your Mother.

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, what more could I do for you?"

God has reached the limit of giving, of self‑emptying. No shade of blackness could be added to your darkness. No more void to absolute Zero!

O God, in Jesus may I learn that love becomes fiery light only in the total broken darkness.