Lenten Penitential Service-1

 Lenten Penitential Service-1



Grace and peace be with you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ who laid down his life for our sins.

           All:     Glory to him forever. Amen


Presider: Opening Prayer

Brothers (and sisters), God calls us to conversion; let us therefore ask him for the grace of sincere repentance.

(All pray in silence for a brief period.)

Lord our God, you are patient with sinners and accept our desire to make amends. We acknowledge our sins and are resolved to change our lives. Help us to celebrate this sacrament of your mercy so that we may reform our lives and receive from you the gift of everlasting joy. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.



a)      First Reading: Lev 19, 1-2, 11-18

b)     Responsorial Hymn or Psalm 50/51

c)      Gospel: Mt 25, 31-46

d)     Homily


Examination of Conscience


A. The Lord says, "You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart."


1.                 Is my heart set on God, so that I really love him above all things and am faithful to his commandments? Or am I more concerned about the things of this world?

2.                 God spoke to us in his Son. Is my faith in God firm and secure? Have I been careful to grow in my understanding of the faith, to hear God's word?

3.                 Do I pray regularly? Do I offer God my difficulties, my joys and my sorrows?

4.                 Have I love and reverence for God's name? Have I shown disrespect for the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints?

5.                 Do I keep Sundays and feast days holy by taking a full part, with attention and devotion, in the liturgy, and especially in the Mass?

6.                 Are there false gods that I worship by giving them greater attention and deeper trust than I give to God: money, superstition, astrology?


B. The Lord says, "Love one another as I have loved you."


1.                 Have I a genuine love for my neighbours? Or do I use them for my own ends, ordo to them what I would not want done to myself?

2.                 In my family life, have I shown proper respect toward my parents? Have I been careful to give a Christian upbringing to my children? Have I been faithful to my spouse?

3.                 Do I share my possessions with the less fortunate? Do I do my best to help the victims of oppression, misfortune and poverty?

4.                 Does my life reflect the mission I received at confirmation? Do I share in the apostolic and charitable works of the church and in the life of my parish?

5.                 Am I concerned for the good and prosperity of the human community in which I live, or do I spend my life caring only for myself? Do I share to the best of my ability in the work of promoting justice, morality, harmony and love in human relations?


C. Christ our Lord says, "Be perfect as your Father is perfect."


1.                 Where is my life really leading me? Is the hope of eternal life my inspiration?

Have I tried to grow in the life of the Spirit through prayer, reading the word of God, receiving the sacraments? Have I imposed my own will on others, without respecting their freedom and rights?

2.                 What use have I made of time, of health and strength, of the gifts God has given me? Do I use them to become more perfect each day?

3.                 Have I been patient in accepting the sorrows and disappointments of life?

4.                 Have I kept my whole body pure as a temple of the Holy Spirit? Have I dishonoured my body physically or through unworthy conversation or thoughts? Have I indulged in activities which offend Christian or human decency?

5.                 Have I gone against my conscience out of fear or hypocrisy?

A period of silence should always be included so that each person may personally examine his or her conscience.




General Confession of Sins 


Presider: The Lord is merciful. He makes us clean of heart and leads us out into his freedom when we acknowledge our guilt. Let us ask him to forgive us and bind up the wounds inflicted by our sins. Give us the grace of true repentance.


We pray: Lord, have mercy.

1.      Pardon your servants and release them from the debt of sin. We pray:

2.      Forgive your people who confess their sins, and restore them to full communion with your Church. We pray:

3.      Renew the glory of baptism in those who have lost it by sin. We pray:

4.      Welcome them to your altar, and renew their spirit with the hope of eternal glory. We pray:

5.      Keep them faithful to your sacraments and loyal in your service. We pray:

6.      Renew your love in their hearts, and make them bear witness to it in their daily lives. We pray:

7.      Keep them always obedient to your commandments and protect within them your gift of eternal life. We pray:


Presider: Let us now pray to God our Father in the words Christ gave us, and ask him for his forgiveness and protection from all evil.


Our Father...


Presider: Lord, draw near to your servants who in the presence of your Church confess they are sinners. Through the ministry of the Church free them from all sin so that renewed in spirit they may give you thankful praise.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Now go for Individual Confession and Absolution


Then the penitents go to the priests






Proclamation of Praise for God's Mercy

When the individual confessions have been completed...


Concluding Prayer of Thanksgiving (May be said privately)


Presider: Almighty and merciful God, how wonderfully you created us and still more wonderfully remade us. You do not abandon the sinner but seek him out with a father's love. You sent your Son into the world to destroy sin and death by his passion, and to restore life and joy by his resurrection.

You sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts to make us your children and heirs of your kingdom. You constantly renew our spirit in the sacrament of your redeeming love, freeing us from slavery to sin and transforming us ever more closely into the likeness of your beloved Son. We thank you for the wonders of your mercy, and with heart and hand and voice we join with the whole Church in a new song of praise: Glory to you through Christ in the Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.


Presider: The Lord be with you. And also with you.

Bow your heads and pray for God's blessing.


May the Lord guide your hearts in the way of his love and fill you with Christ-like patience. Amen. May God give you strength to walk in newness of life and to please him in all things. Amen.


May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son + and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


The Lord has freed you from your sins. Go in peace.

Thanks be to God.